Auto refresh a Tableau Dashboard without Embedding


It frequently arises as a business need to be able to automatically refresh the data in a Tableau Dashboard at a set time interval – unfortunately, it’s not a native feature available in Tableau and the most common solutions (which are to embed the dashboard into an external web page) are difficult to set up as well as not being flexible enough. This is why we have developed a solution which is deployed to the Tableau Server once and then can be used in any number of dashboards hosted on that server.

To use it, simply insert a Web Page component to the dashboard and point the URL to the deployed plugin. This will place a counter into your dashboard, which refreshes the data as often as the counter ticks. The solution only works when the dashboard is published to the Tableau Server and accessed through a browser. By default, the counter is set to countdown from 10 seconds which then fires an API call to reload the data behind the dashboard before starting a new countdown. The counter can be customized (seconds, colors, size, etc.) in a user-friendly way with the use of parameters defined in the Tableau Desktop. All of this is achieved without the need to embed the Tableau Dashboard into any other webpage, which is the beauty of this solution.

How to use it:









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